9th Greytown Arts Festival - dates confirmed

“A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.”
Wendell Berry

The Greytown Arts Festival will take place on the weekend of the 13-15 February, 2015.
The three day event will offer the Greytown Community an opportunity to come together to share in, explore, connect with and engage with the creativity of our town’s people.  We want to create a festival that is created by, accessible  to and involved in by as many people as possible, regardless of age, background or abilities.  We want to explore the notion that everyone is able to create, whether it be through traditional artistic methods such as music, art , theatre or dance, or through food, community engagement, nature or sport. They are all means of creativity and bringing them together will forge enduring relationships.
Whether you're a resident or a visitor, come and share in, and celebrate our community.

Image © Rebecca Kempton